Meet the co-founder

Filippo Nigro


Filippo is a biohacker with background in AI & ex product leader at an IPO company.

Who is Filippo

Obsession - Filippo is a biohacker, wants to live forever and help people maximize their healthspan. He always looked for solutions to easily manage his health, measure his biomarkers, and run preventive health screenings without running from clinic to clinic and spending >$500 per month. Then he decided to build it for himself.

Education - He got a double degree Master’s in International Management cum laude, and a Nano Degree as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Experience - He worked in Business Development and Marketing at a Pre-seed Machine Learning startup and as a Product lead at a Travel tech company that reached IPO. In parallel, he was active in health & longevity communities and obtained Biotech certificates.

Mission & beliefs - He thinks that every problem that does not go against the law of physics is solvable. Maximizing healthspan is one of them. By leveraging his mixed background, he wants to put all his energy into solving this problem as his number 1 priority.


- Active in 5+ longevity communities. Hustling to help the world reach longevity escape velocity!

- Ex-Product Lead in IPO company

- Bocconi Valedictorian Speech as the best student of the graduation session

- AI Engineer NanoDegree