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Let us answer your questions here.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

How does your technology work?

Voice recording screening: We leverage machine learning to extrapolate voice patterns from your voice recording and identify signs of brain, mental and respiratory conditions to evaluate brain, lungs, and mental fitness.
Face video screening: We leverage machine learning to analyze blood vessel changes and blood molecule concentration based on light reflection patterns on your skin. This technology is called Photoplethysmography (PPG). With PPG, we can assess your cardiovascular and respiratory health. Finally, the assessment of your metabolic health is performed by analyzing the external features of your eyes (e.g. color of the sclera, pupil size, eye blood vessels concentration). For more detailed informations visit the Technology section in our website.

Do you have any reliable partnerships?

Yes. Our partners provide us with digital biomarkers technology that already got approval from regulatory bodies. We’ll announce new collaborations soon. In addition, we are stipulating partnerships with renowned Hospitals and Universities in the US and Europe. Names will be announced soon.

How accurate is YOUTH technology?

The accuracy reaches 95%+ for some biomarkers. Please see the table for accuracy of each available biomarker: Click here

Why is face video required?

Face videos can be used to detect vital signs and blood biomarkers and assess a person’s health status and risk of developing diseases. The underlying technology is called Photoplethysmography (PPG). It leverages RGB light reflection patterns from a person’s face to detect changes in the skin and blood vessels. The technology can detect blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, stress levels, oxygen saturation, and, in the near future, even cholesterol and sugar levels (glycated hemoglobin). This information can be used to assess cardiovascular health (e.g. arrhythmias risk, stroke risk, hypertension risk, diabetes risk), respiratory health (e.g. sleep apnea) and mental health (e.g. stress and anxiety levels). The accuracy varies depending on the specific biomarker and the length of the face video.

Why are you working on Youth?

We want to eliminate deaths and suffering due to the lack of prevention. Nowadays, only 8% of the population does regular preventive checks at the optimal frequency. This translates into 75% of patients facing late diagnosis. Why all this? Because the current healthcare system is not proactive, is slow, and inefficient. We want to maximize people’s lifespan by democratizing access to prevention and health management. We want to completely cut all the barriers and frictions impeding people from accessing health screenings and recommendations. We envision a future where everyone can constantly monitor, understand and make decisions about health conditions in a few seconds from everywhere.

Are our screenings backed by research?

Yes. Research showed that detecting cardiovascular, mental, pulmonary, and brain biomarkers from face video and voice recording can reach an accuracy higher than 90%. In addition, we leverage partners’ technologies that already got medical certifications or are close to it. Finally, we are also working on novel technologies in-house (e.g. Detecting HbA1c from external eye images). You can find a vast list of research papers and articles supporting our product in the Research section in our website.

Are any new screenings coming soon?

We are planning to add the following biomarkers to the app in the next 6 months: cholesterol, hemoglobin, vitamin B12, B9, B7BMI (Body Mass Index), calcium and iron. In addition, we are working on improving the accuracy for the following biomarkers: HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin), blood pressure and mental health indexes (Energy score, Anxiety Index, Depression Index).

Do you have doctors in your team?

Yes, our co-founder and Chief Medical Officer is a medical doctor and researcher at UCSF. We also have a team of medical consultants and a prestigious board of medical advisors from the best hospitals and academic institutions in the world. Additionally, we are stipulating partnerships with doctors and longevity clinics around the world.

Why is voice recording necessary?

Voice recordings contain useful information that can be used to detect diseases. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms, it is possible to extrapolate and interpret hidden voice patterns (aka voice biomarkers) associated with multiple health conditions. The most prominent applications of voice biomarkers are the early detection of brain disorders (Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, Dementia), Depression, other mental disorders, and respiratory conditions (Asthma, COPD, and even covid). The accuracy varies depending on the disease. However, the technology already showed relevant results, achieving accuracy levels higher than 90%.

Is my data safe?

We can ensure the following:
- All data is encrypted.
- We do not store face videos.
- All user data is deleted as soon as the account is canceled.
Please also read our privacy policy for more detailed informations.