Meet the co-founder

Avinav Goel


Avinav is NYU faculty & patented Samsung camera portrait mode as AI lead engineer.

Who is Avinav

Obsession - Avinav's obsession lies in his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on people's lives. Avinav's obsession extends to his belief that technology holds the key to improving the quality of people's lives, and he has dedicated himself to harnessing its potential.

Education - He got a Bachelor degree in computer science engineering and a Master's in computer science from NYU.

Experience -  Avinav embarked on his career at Samsung Research, where he started from the ground up and became Machine Learning lead in 3 years. There, he forged ahead and played a pivotal role in elevating Samsung's Camera AI to become the best in the world. His accomplishments garnered recognition, with Google's CEO and popular YouTuber MKBHD acknowledging his contributions. Avinav's dedication translated into tangible results as he propelled Samsung to the pinnacle of the global mobile market share within a remarkable three-year timeframe.

Mission & beliefs - Avinav's core belief revolves around the transformative potential of technology to enhance people's lives. He firmly holds that technology, when harnessed for the greater good, can bring about significant improvements in society. This belief has been the cornerstone of his career, driving him to excel in the tech world and to continually explore the boundaries of what technology can achieve. Additionally, Avinav's strong belief in the power of education and teaching emerged during his time at NYU Courant, where he worked as a Teaching Assistant for NYU Data Science. Avinav's overarching mission is to enrich the lives of people, particularly in the realm of healthcare, through the application of artificial intelligence (AI).


- Ex- ML lead Samsung AI vision

- Ex-Research scientist Google AR/VR

- Faculty at NYU data science

- Patent Samsung camera portrait mode. Tweeted as best by Google CEO