Meet the co-founder

Gabriel Cerono M.D.


Gabriel is a MD, research scientist at UCSF & ML expert who co-authored in Nature

Who is Gabriel?

Obsession - He lives for solving complex problems and taking on new challenges. His personal and professional journey is the perfect demonstration. He started off from a rural area in Argentina, became a MD but then realized this wasn’t enough to make an impact. He taught himself calculus, statistics & programming to become an expert in ML for healthcare at UCSF.

Experience - Gabriel is a Medical Doctor who graduated from the La Plata School of Medicine in Argentina. He started working at the Zenon Videla Dorna Hospital as a doctor but he left for a Research Fellowship at the Department of Neurology at UCSF (Rank #2 in the world). He is now also an Expert in ML applied to genomics & electronic health records. His expertise encompasses leveraging AI models across massive multi-omics datasets to model outcomes of diseases.

Beliefs and mission - He loves to prove people wrong by taking on apparently impossible challenges and solving them. He believes that the only way to transform the healthcare system is through a 360° approach at the intersection of medicine and engineering. His mission is to transform how we see medicine today through hard work and study.


- Top 5% in the U.S. medical board exams.

- Best entrance exams to medical school out of 1300 applicants.

- Authored 10+ scientific manuscripts including a Co-authored Nature paper and an awarded Oral Presentation at ECTRIMS.

- AI Researcher at the University of San Francisco and an expert in AI applied to genomics and electronic health records.